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Sunday, April 10, 2011

Mới đây Admin đã thông báo trên forum về thành tích của onbux và kế hoạch sắp tới,tuy nhiên không hề đả động gì đến việc chậm trả tiền cho các thành viên,có nhiều thành viên đã chờ trên 2 tháng vẫn chưa được trả tiền và admin không hề đưa ra bất cứ 1 hướng giải quyết nào??
Nguyên văn từ forum:

Dear members,

It's with great pleasure that we return to the public again, to keep our members informed and clarify some doubts.

"Success is a matter of commitment and determination."

That's why we work hard (over 10,000 collective hours of work from our Admin staff alone) to keep our many advertisers, members, visitors and investors happy with their results here.
Our success is the culmination of the partnerships: Member <-> System <-> Advertiser, which separately have the same percentage of success, because one can't exist without the others.

We have been paying our members for approximately 10 months and once again our website has shown incredible strength and growth.

Today reached the incredible position of the 342th world's most accessed Web Site, according to the ranking statistics of
This is yet another proof of the quality of service that onBux has achieved, thanks mainly to the tireless support of our amazing members, who's numbers increase every day.
Thank you to each and every one of you for being a part of the history of onBux. With your support, there are no limits for us!

We are also on the verge of crossing another milestone, which is we will soon have paid out over $3 Million to our members.

You read that correctly, 3 MILLION DOLLARS!

Yet more proof of our endless dedication and honesty to our community. Every day we pay thousands and thousands of our members instantly (and an ever decreasing number through manual payments) which can be viewed at all times at the Live Payments Feed or even at our Payment Proofs Section.

Regarding the current progress of manual payments, we are hoping for an April deadline in which we strive to have completely eliminated the need for manual payments.
And as of today, 77% of onBux members are paid instantly.
Most likely we will have this number back up to 100% throughout the course of April, if everything goes to plan.

We are dedicated to make our members feel happy, not only because they have an amazing profitable system, but also a feeling of great assurance that onBux will strive the extra mile for its members.
onBux grows bigger and better every day only when our members are happy.

We regret some recent trouble with our protection system that has blocked some IP's for a few minutes / hours due to a high traffic at those times. Several possible DDoS attacks have also been attempted - this is mostly a non-event, since we have the support of the very competent and effective company, BlockDos.Net

Thanks also to the company of our servers and CDN, which also continues to provide a high quality service for our site.

We're here for the present and future of onBux, providing a protected system, powerful and profitable for everyone.

Thanks all for your confidence in our services.

Best Regards,
onBux Ltda.

Hiện giờ có 77% payment là INSTANT,23% còn lại trả bằng tay,dự kiến hết tháng 4 sẽ quay trở lại 100% INSTANT.
1 số review về onbux tại PTCI,các bạn tham khảo trước khi quyết định đầu tư.

Onbux đã chính thức bị PTCI đưa vào danh sách SCAM LISTS ngày 1/4/2011


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