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Friday, April 15, 2011

Hôm nay ngày 15/4/2011,vcbux đã có quản lý mới,đây là nguyên văn thông báo của admin mới

Hi guys. We would like to notify everyone in vcBux that we are the new management that will be taking over vcBux as well as Linkers Media. My name is Gabrielle and please let me say a few things before hand.

Upon taking over vcBux, we didn't just take over the site, we took over Linkers Media and not to forget, all their funding accounts(PayPal and AlertPay). However, we realized that most of you had open a dispute which would make us probably reset the whole site's balance. We understand that most of you wouldn't want this to happen. We will be giving everyone up to 5 days to drop those disputes. Once most of these disputes are cleared, we will start opening our instant cashout system again.

As for our previous owner, Lucas. He is now still working in vcBux as a staff of the newly owned Linkers Media. We have also come to an agreement that most consultations must go through Lucas before implemented. That's all I have to say.

Welcome to our newly managed vcBux. We hope that we would receive our members support like how Lucas used to receive. To get vcBux to properly run again, we would definitely need our members support.

Tóm tắt là admin yêu cầu những ai đã mởi tranh chấp thì nội trong 5 ngày phải hủy bỏ để admin có thể mở lại hệ thống thanh toán.
Chúc mừng vcbux!


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